Symfony dependency injection tags

The following lists all dependency injection tags and their usage available in Netgen Content Browser:


Purpose: Adds a new backend to the system

A backend is a service that provides methods to load the list of items and locations in Content Browser interface. A backend needs to implement Netgen\ContentBrowser\Backend\BackendInterface interface.

When registering a new backend, you need to use the item_type attribute in the tag to specify the item type the backend is used for:

    class: AppBundle\ContentBrowser\MyBackend
        - { name: netgen_content_browser.backend, item_type: my_backend }


Purpose: Adds a new column value provider for a single item column

A column value provider is a service that provides a value to a column displayed in Content Browser interface for a specific item. Column value provider needs to implement Netgen\ContentBrowser\Item\ColumnProvider\ColumnValueProviderInterface interface.

When registering a new column value provider, you need to use the identifier attribute in the tag to attach a unique identifier to the provider:

    class: AppBundle\ContentBrowser\MyItem\CustomColumn
        - { name: netgen_content_browser.column_value_provider, identifier: my_item\custom_column }