Upgrading from 1.2.0 to 1.3.0

Upgrade composer.json

In your composer.json file, upgrade the version of netgen/content-browser package and all other related packages (like netgen/content-browser-ui, netgen/content-browser-ezplatform and others) to ~1.3.0 and run the composer update command.


  • Minimum supported PHP version is now 7.4

  • Property typehints were added to all properties (private, protected, and public) in Netgen Content Browser. Extreme care has been taken to make the property hints compatible with previously existing PHPDoc annotations. This makes sure that any properly used code from Netgen Content Browser will not result in breaking changes.

  • Added support for PHP 8. Note that parameter names are not part of the backwards compatibility rules. Using PHP 8’s named arguments feature might break your code when upgrading to newer Content Browser versions.


  • There were no deprecations in 1.3 version of Netgen Content Browser.

Breaking changes

There were no breaking changes in 1.3 version of Netgen Content Browser.