Identifier compound_boolean
Available options
Overridden options
Class Netgen\BlockManager\Parameters\ParameterType\Compound\BooleanType
Valid value A boolean

This parameter is a special one in a manner that it can hold other parameters.

The main purpose of the parameter is not functional, but presentational. That is, it allows building Symfony forms that have parameters which can be shown and hidden by checking and un-checking the checkbox input.

The value of the parameter is preserved with all other parameters and its sub-parameters in a flat list, without hierarchy.

Available options


type: bool, required: No, default value: false

Specifies that the sub-parameters will be shown in the Symfony form when the parameter is unchecked, rather than when it’s checked.

Overriden options


If the parameter is required, the default parameter value will be set to false, if not specified otherwise.