This function is used to generate an URL to an item from your CMS.


To be able to generate the URL, you need to implement an instance of Netgen\BlockManager\Item\ValueUrlBuilderInterface for your item.

To generate the URL, you can simply call the function with the item in question:

<a href="{{ ngbm_item_path(item) }}">{{ }}</a>

If you do not have access to the item object, you can generate the URL with ID and value type of the item:

<a href="{{ ngbm_item_path(42, 'ezlocation') }}">{{ 'My item' }}</a>

Alternatively, you can use a special format used by Netgen Layouts in the form of an URI scheme value_type://value_id:

<a href="{{ ngbm_item_path('ezlocation://42') }}">{{ 'My item' }}</a>