How to add icons for custom block typesΒΆ

Once you add a custom block definition and corresponding block type, you will notice that the icon is missing in Block Manager app. This is due to fact that icons are loaded through CSS, rather than through configuration.

In order to add your own icon to Netgen Layouts, you will need to inject a piece of CSS into Netgen Layouts configuration for Block Manager app.


Since CSS classes cannot start with a number, block definition and block type identifiers should not start with a number.

If you wish to add an icon for a block type with my_block identifier in Block Manager app, you can use the following CSS:

.add-block-btn.icn-my_block .icon {
    background-image: url(/path/to/icon/my_layout.svg);

After that, you need to register your CSS file in configuration:

            - '/path/to/bmapp/style.css'