Available options



Valid value

One (or more) of the valid Ibexa CMS content types

This parameter allows to input one or more existing Ibexa CMS content types as its value. The parameter automatically shows the list of all content types in Ibexa CMS.

This parameter type is available only if using Netgen Layouts on top of Ibexa CMS.

Available options


type: bool, required: No, default value: false

Specifies if the parameter type will accept multiple values.


type: array, required: No, default value: []

Specifies which content types are allowed. This parameter is a multidimensional array, where the keys are group names, and the values are arrays of content types allowed within the group.


Group names are case sensitive, while content type identifiers are not.

    'Group1' => ['image', 'file'],
    'Group2' => ['article', 'blog_post'],

If a group is missing from the array or the value of a group is true, all content types within that group are allowed.

If the value of a group is set to false or an empty array, none of the content types within that group are allowed.

    'Group1' => true,
    'Group2' => false,
    'Group3' => [],