Set up MailHog development SMTP server

MailHog is a simple development SMPT server that can be used to test sending of emails.

1 Install

1.1 If using MacOS without Homebrew

You can install it by downloading the appropriate binary from GitHub at (in case of MacOS, search for the one containing darwin in its name). If you go that way, put the downloaded binary as mailhog to the appropriate place that is configured in your PATH environment variable, usually bin directory in your home directory.

Execute the following on the command line, replacing the path with the correct one for your OS:

cd ~/bin
wget -O ~/bin/mailhog
chmod a+x ~/bin/mailhog

1.2 If using MacOS with Homebrew

Execute on the command line:

brew install mailhog

2 Start

As we don’t always need it in a project, MailHog is to be started when needed.

Execute on the command line:


You should receive output similar to the following:

2020/06/17 09:42:57 Using in-memory storage
2020/06/17 09:42:57 [SMTP] Binding to address:
[HTTP] Binding to address:
2020/06/17 09:42:57 Serving under
Creating API v1 with WebPath:
Creating API v2 with WebPath:

The server will run in the foreground, and you can stop it with Control-C.

If needed, find the additional options by executing:

mailhog --help

3 Test

When started, web interface will be available at Open it to confirm that it is working.

4 Configure in a project

To use it in a web application, configure the mailer DSN to smtp://