Upgrading from 0.13.0 to 1.0.0

Upgrade composer.json

In your composer.json file, upgrade the version of netgen/content-browser package and all other related packages (like netgen/content-browser-ui, netgen/content-browser-ezplatform and others) to ~1.0.0 and run the composer update command.

Breaking changes

  • Minimum supported version of PHP is now 7.2

  • Minimum supported version of Symfony is now 3.4.24 or 4.3

  • Interfaces for registries have been removed. Typehint against the concrete registry implementations.

  • Names of the CSS and JavaScript assets have been changed:


    {{ asset('netgen-content-browser.css', 'ngcb_css') }}
    {{ asset('netgen-content-browser.js', 'ngcb_js') }}


    {{ asset('main.css', 'ngcb_css') }}
    {{ asset('main.js', 'ngcb_js') }}
  • CSS class js-config-name in HTML markup has been renamed to js-item-type. If you have any custom code that calls the content browser (e.g. overridden form type templates or code that calls the browser directly), update the CSS class name to the new value.

  • Virtual services netgen_content_browser.current_backend and netgen_content_browser.current_config have been renamed to netgen_content_browser.backend and netgen_content_browser.config respectively.

eZ Platform specific breaking changes

  • Minimum supported version of eZ Platform is now 2.5 or 3.0

  • All container parameters that had ezpublish as part of their names have been renamed to ezplatform instead.

  • Container parameters that allow specifying the item, preview and thumbnail templates have been renamed to remove default_ part of their name.

    Old name

    New name









  • All services that had EzPublish as part of their FQCN have been renamed to EzPlatform instead.

  • All services that had ezpublish as part of their service name have been renamed to ezplatform instead.

  • Identifiers of column value providers have been renamed from having the ezpublish\ prefix to having the ezplatform\ prefix. This also includes the related translations, which have been renamed from columns.ezpublish. prefix to columns.ezplatform. prefix.