Upgrading from 0.8.0 to 0.9.0

Upgrade composer.json

In your composer.json file, upgrade the version of netgen/content-browser package to ~0.9.0 and run the composer update command.

Breaking changes

The following breaking changes were made in version 0.9 of Content Browser. Follow the instructions to upgrade your code to this newer version.

  • Many services that should not be used directly and are not part of public API are now marked as private in service container. Remove usage of those services in your code. Note that some of the services (forms and event subscribers) were not marked as private due to incompatibilities with Symfony 2.8, but will be marked as such in a future update.

  • Most of the internal protected dependencies and methods were made private and classes made final. Rather than extending internal classes, you need to use other patterns when changing built in behaviour.

  • ezlocation and ezcontent backends have been merged to one backend that handles both eZ location and content items. This means that eZ location and eZ content specific items and column value providers have also been merged into one. You need to adapt your code that uses them to use the new backend, item and column value providers.