Extra fields from Solr

This feature allows you to extract additionally indexed Solr fields from each SearchHit in SearchResult. For example, you can index some fields from children content on the parent content and then get those fields during search (eg. children count).


This feature is available only with the Solr search engine.

1. Usage

In order for this functionality to work, you have to use overridden NetgenEzPlatformSearchExtraAPIValuesContentSearchQuery or NetgenEzPlatformSearchExtraAPIValuesContentSearchLocationQuery queries and use it’s property extraFields to provide a list of additional fields that you want to extract from the Solr document. Those fields, if exist, and their values will appear in the extraFields property of each SearchHit object contained in the SearchResult.

2. Example

Example of a content field mapper:

public function mapFields(SPIContent $content)
    return [
        new Field(
            new IntegerField()

Search example:

/** @var \Netgen\EzPlatformSearchExtra\API\Values\Content\Search\Query $query **/
$query = new Query();

$query->extraFields = [

/** @var \Netgen\EzPlatformSiteApi\API\FindService $findService **/
$searchResult = $findService->findContent($query);

/** @var \Netgen\EzPlatformSearchExtra\API\Values\Content\Search\SearchHit $searchHit **/
foreach ($searchResult->searchHits as $searchHit) {

This will output the following data:

array(1) { ["extra_field_example_i"]=> int(5) }