Random sortΒΆ

Random sort.


This feature is available only with the Solr search engine.

solr/schema.xml additions:

    This fieldtype is required to allow random sorting
<fieldType name="random" class="solr.RandomSortField" />

    This field is required to allow random sorting
<dynamicField name="random*" type="random" indexed="true" stored="false"/>

For example, the following query will return random sorted content based on a provided seed:

use Netgen\EzPlatformSearchExtra\API\Values\Content\Query\SortClause\Random;

$seed = (int)(time() / 360);

new Query([
    'filter' => new LogicalAnd([
        new ContentTypeIdentifier('article'),
        new Visibility(Visibility::VISIBLE),
    'sortClauses' =>  [
        new Random($seed),