How to inject items to blocks manuallyΒΆ

Usually, block items are provided to blocks with a collection query. But, sometimes it is useful to provide some specific block items to the block by hand (meaning in block definition handler). This way, you could reuse block item templates by calling the ngbm_render_item function on those items, instead of duplicating the block item template logic inside the block itself.

To achieve this, you can use a Symfony service from Netgen Layouts called item builder which is an instance of Netgen\BlockManager\Item\ItemBuilderInterface. After that, you can just use it in your getDynamicParameters method of the block definition handlers to build the items and provide them as dynamic parameters to the block.


This service is used by the collection query result building process too, so you will be basically using the same principles Netgen Layouts uses when building items.

The ID of the item builder Symfony service is netgen_block_manager.item.item_builder and you can just inject it to your block definition handlers as usual.

The service provides a single method called build which receives a single parameter, your domain object, which will then build the block item. For this to work, you need to have value converters (instances of Netgen\BlockManager\Item\ValueConverterInterface) for any domain object you wish to build items from.

For example, to build the item from your domain object, you would write something like this in your getDynamicParameters method:

$myObject = $this->myBackend->loadMyObject(42);

$item = $this->itemBuilder->build($myObject);