How to override the templates for Grid block columnsΒΆ

Grid block type uses a nifty little trick to specify the templates for its 2, 3, 4 or 6 columns variants which makes it possible to override the template for only one of those variants without the need for overriding the entire grid template.

Basically, it uses a feature from the view layer which makes it possible to inject custom parameters to Twig templates straight from the match configuration rule. By default, if no parameter is provided that specifies the template to use, Grid block uses built in templates for each of the column variants.

As an example, the following configuration would override the template for 4 column variant of a Grid block:

                    template: "@NetgenBlockManager/block/list/grid.html.twig"
                            4: "@App/block/grid/4_columns.html.twig"
                        block\definition: list
                        block\view_type: grid

Basically, this rule specifies that we want to use the original grid template available in Netgen Layouts (@NetgenBlockManager/block/list/grid.html.twig) and to also provide a parameter called column_templates which the original grid template uses to extract the template names for column variants from.

We only specified that 4 columns template should be overriden by specifying the key with a value of 4, but we can easily add more overrides by specifying more array keys in the column_templates parameter.