Install Netgen Layouts Enterprise

To install Netgen Layouts Enterprise, you need to have an existing Symfony full stack installation (Ibexa CMS, Sylius, clean Symfony install…) with Symfony Flex and Netgen Layouts open source edition installed and configured.

Add packages to Composer

To install Netgen Layouts Enterprise, you need a valid license. Once purchased, you need to add the license to Composer with the following command:

composer config <username> <token>

Next, add the Composer repository to repositories section of your composer.json:

"repositories": [
    { "type": "composer", "url": "", "canonical": false }

Add the Netgen Layouts Flex Recipes repo to your composer.json. If extra.symfony.endpoint already exists in your composer.json file, make sure it is an array with flex://defaults at the very bottom:

"extra": {
    "symfony": {
        "allow-contrib": true,
        "endpoint": [

Add the netgen/layouts-enterprise package to your require section. Use the same version as the Netgen Layouts packages from open source edition. For example, if you’re using ~1.0.0 version of Netgen Layouts, use the same ~1.0.0 version for Netgen Layouts Enterprise too.


If you’re installing Netgen Layouts Enterprise on Ibexa CMS, you need the netgen/layouts-enterprise-ibexa package too, in the same version as the other Netgen Layouts packages.

Run composer

Run the following Composer command to install the packages:

composer update --prefer-dist


prefer-dist is used because it is not possible to install source packages from repository. Make sure to remember this when upgrading Netgen Layouts Enterprise to future versions.