Netgen Layouts is a system that provides easy and flexible way of managing layouts and blocks for the front side of a website. It can be tightly integrated with existing Symfony-based web solutions (such as Ibexa CMS or Sylius eCommerce). It can also be used standalone and loosely integrated with any system(s) with a REST/SOAP interface (such as Contentful headless CMS, etc.).

The main idea with Netgen Layouts is controlling the complete layout of your pages. It can also be used for part of the body if necessary. This enables the creation of the completely different design of the pages: from typical design with header and footer to full-screen landing pages without header/footer, or distraction-free layouts for shopping funnels, etc. Common elements of the page (such as header, footer or sidebar sections) can be shared between different layouts to reuse the same blocks across the site.

Even more so, Layouts enables you to control which layouts will be shown on which page, based on precise conditions, such as CMS content type, timeframe, query parameters, etc. It is simple to implement custom condition types based on some user context information like geo-location, user group, device and similar.