Enterprise extra featuresΒΆ

Netgen Layouts open core version provides all the core features with enterprise features focusing on bringing value to bigger projects:

  • Roles and policies management - or managing bigger teams with different team roles.
  • Layout translations - for multilingual projects if you want to handle translations within layouts
  • Manage cache on blocks - for high performance needs when you want to finetune caching by configuring the blocks as ESI from the interface and set the TTL
  • Schedule visibility of block items - for automating block item visibility. You can define the visibility of block items, even define a time period when they are visible
  • Restore archived version of a layout and change a layout type - for less hassle, when you want to go back and restore a previously published version of a Layout or change the Layout Type
  • Mapping groups - for easier management of your multi-site mappings