Main concepts


  • Backend - a system that is responsible for managing content like CMS or eCommerce, integrated with Netgen Layouts. Backend Integration could consist of a set of custom extensions: query types, block views, block item views and Content Browser customisations.

  • Block Manager - an interface for managing Blocks in a Layout. Besides providing basic Block actions, it also provides Shared Zone linking, Block Parameter translation, changing the Layout Type, etc.

  • Layout Manager - an interface for managing Layouts, Shared Layouts, Layout mappings and User Roles and Policies. It also provides cache clearing for Layouts and Blocks and exporting Layouts to JSON format.

  • Roles and Policies Manager - an interface for configuring user roles and policies.

  • Content Browser - a standalone interface for browsing content from a backend system and selecting one or more items. It is decoupled from Layouts and has its own documentation.