Symfony services

Netgen Layouts provides a number of Symfony services that you can use to work in PHP code with layouts, blocks, collections, queries and so on.

API services

The following services are the entry point and central place for all operations with any entity available in Netgen Layouts. It is used by Netgen Layouts itself to render the layouts in the frontend, in REST API used in layout editing app and in the admin interface. Basically, they provide a CRUD interface to work with layouts, blocks, collections and layout resolver rules.

Service name Description
netgen_layouts.api.service.layout CRUD operations for layouts
netgen_layouts.api.service.block CRUD operations for blocks
netgen_layouts.api.service.collection CRUD operations for collections
netgen_layouts.api.service.layout_resolver CRUD operations for layout resolver rules
netgen_layouts_enterprise.api.service.role CRUD operations for roles and policies

View API

The following services can be used to manually render any entity in Netgen Layouts.

Service name Description
netgen_layouts.view.view_builder Used to manually build the view for the entity.
netgen_layouts.view.view_renderer Used to manually render the entity view once it has been built.
netgen_layouts.view.renderer Shortcut service that uses view builder and view renderer services to render the provided entity.

Block items

The following services can be used to manually load and build block items to inject them into blocks and link to them.

Service name Description
netgen_layouts.item.item_builder Used to manually build the item from the provided entity.
netgen_layouts.item.item_loader Used to manually load the item from provided value type and value.
netgen_layouts.item.url_generator Used to generate the URL to the item.


A number of registries is provided so you can access the list of all available block definitions, query types and so on.

Service name Description
netgen_layouts.block.registry.block_definition Used to access all available block definitions
netgen_layouts.block.registry.block_type Used to access all available block types
netgen_layouts.block.registry.block_type_group Used to access all available block type groups
netgen_layouts.collection.registry.query_type Used to access all available query types
netgen_layouts.parameters.registry.parameter_type Used to access all available parameter types
netgen_layouts.item.registry.value_type Used to access all available value types
netgen_layouts.layout.registry.layout_type Used to access all available layout types
netgen_layouts.layout.resolver.registry.target_type Used to access all available target types
netgen_layouts.layout.resolver.registry.condition_type Used to access all available condition types
netgen_layouts.collection.registry.item_definition Used to access all available item definitions
netgen_layouts.block.registry.handler_plugin Used to access all available block plugin handlers Used to access all available limitation types Used to access all available permission definitions

Shortcut services

Some of the entities that can be accessed through one of the above registries can also be accessed directly by using a unique service name. All of those service names are in the form of <prefix>.<identifier>. Prefix is the same for all entities that implement the same interface, while identifier identifies a single entity.

The following table lists all available service prefixes:

Entity type Service prefix
Block definition netgen_layouts.block.block_definition.
Block type netgen_layouts.block.block_type.
Block type group netgen_layouts.block.block_type_group.
Query type netgen_layouts.collection.query_type.
Value type netgen_layouts.item.value_type.
Layout type netgen_layouts.layout.layout_type.
Item definition netgen_layouts.collection.item_definition.

As an example, if you wish to load the service for title block definition, you would use a service name netgen_layouts.block.block_definition.title.

Other services

The following lists various other useful services which can be used by client code:

Service name Description
netgen_layouts.http_cache.invalidator Provides APIs for invalidating layout and block HTTP caches
netgen_layouts.configuration Provides a way to access Netgen Layouts configuration values
netgen_layouts.collection.result_builder Generates the collection result (items) from a provided collection
netgen_layouts.layout.resolver Exposes APIs to manually run the layout resolving process on a request

Ibexa CMS specific services

The following lists various useful services available when Netgen Layouts is installed on top of Ibexa CMS.

Service name Description
netgen_layouts.ibexa.content_provider Used to extract current content and location for use by contextual blocks and queries