This function is used to render a block item.

In addition to the item you’re rendering, you need to provide the item view type with which you wish to render the item:

{{ ngbm_render_item(item, 'overlay') }}

This will render the provided item in the view context of the template from which you called the function or in the default view context if the calling template is not rendered by the Netgen Layouts view layer.

You can transfer a list of custom parameters to the function, which will be injected as variables into the item template:

{# block.html.twig #}

{{ ngbm_render_item(item, 'overlay', {'the_answer': 42}) }}

{# item.html.twig #}

{{ the_answer }}


Normally, parameters provided here are not transferred to content views in eZ Platform, but only to the item template, which in case of eZ Platform is only a proxy to eZ content view layer. However, you can use a special parameter called ezparams whose contents will be transferred. For example:

{# block.html.twig #}

{{ ngbm_render_item(item, 'overlay', {'ezparams': {'the_answer': 42}}) }}

{# overlay.html.twig from eZ Platform #}

{{ the_answer }}

Finally, you can render the item with a view context different from the current one:

{{ ngbm_render_item(item, 'overlay', {}, 'my_context') }}