Set up Redis in-memory data store

Redis is an open source in-memory data structure store and key–value database with optional durability. It’s used as a backend for persistent cache implementation.

1 Install

1.1 If using macOS with MacPorts

Execute on the command line:

sudo port install redis

1.2 If using macOS with Homebrew

Execute on the command line:

brew install redis

2 Start

Since Redis is usually used in our web apps, we want it always running and started automatically after a reboot.

2.2 Start manually when needed

You can start the server manually by executing on the command line:


The server will run in the foreground, and you can stop it when needed with Control-C.

3 Test

To test if the Redis server is running, execute:

redis-cli ping

If correctly started, Redis should respond with PONG.