Netgen’s Local Development Setup


This is a guide on setting up modern web development environment with PHP on your local Mac or Linux machine, without using any kind of virtualization. Web server configurations for Symfony and eZ Platform / Ibexa CMS are provided out of the box, but the setup is not limited to them, and new configurations for other PHP applications can be easily added.

For all chapters in this documentation, replace Brale Rodijak with your own name, brale user with you own username on your workstation and if on Linux, staff group with your own group name (usually the same as the username).

Follow the steps in this order:

  1. Git
  2. dnsmasq
  3. MySQL
  4. PHP
  5. Composer
  6. SSL
  7. NGINX
  8. cURL
  9. Redis
  10. Solr
  11. RabbitMQ
  12. MailHog
  13. Varnish
  14. Node.js
  15. Tika
  16. Memcached
  17. XDebug
  18. Exposing websites