Set up Apache Tika server (optional)

Apache Tika is a content analysis toolkit used to detect and extract metadata and text from different file types. It can be used both as a service and a command line utility.

1 Install

In the console, create jars directory in your home directory and position into it:

mkdir ~/jars
cd ~/jars

Tika Server is a standalone runnable jar binary. Download the appropriate version to the created jars directory from

Execute on the command line:


2 Start

Start the Tika server by executing on the command line:

java -jar jars/tika-server-1.24.1.jar

The server will run in the foreground, and you can stop it when needed with Control-C.

The server will be available on on port 9998. To find about other available options, execute on the command line:

java -jar jars/tika-server-1.24.1.jar --help

3 Test

To test if Tika server is running, open http://localhost:9998.

This should open a web page describing Tika’s REST API endpoints.