Upgrading from 0.12.0 to 0.13.0

Add additional bundles


This section is specific to Netgen Layouts Enterprise.

Some features of Netgen Layouts Enterprise require an additional bundle to be activated. The bundle is included in 0.13 version of Netgen Layouts Enterprise and all you need to do is to activate it by adding Netgen\Bundle\LayoutsEnterpriseAdminBundle\NetgenLayoutsEnterpriseAdminBundle in your kernel class, after all other Netgen Layouts bundles. Make sure to activate it before running Composer so its assets can be installed automatically. Otherwise, you will need to install the assets by hand by running the php bin/console assets:install --symlink --relative command.

Upgrade composer.json

In your composer.json file, upgrade the version of netgen/layouts-core package and all other related packages (like netgen/layouts-standard, netgen/layouts-ezplatform and others) to ~0.13.0 and run the composer update command.

Add additional packages


This section is specific to Netgen Layouts Enterprise integrated into eZ Platform.

Version 0.13 of Netgen Layouts Enterprise integrated into eZ Platform requires an additional package for proper eZ Platform support. To activate the package, execute the following to add the package to your composer.json:

$ composer require netgen/layouts-enterprise-ezplatform:~0.13.0

After installing the package, activate Netgen\Bundle\LayoutsEnterpriseEzPlatformBundle\NetgenLayoutsEnterpriseEzPlatformBundle bundle in your kernel class. Make sure it is activated after all other Netgen Layouts Enterprise bundles.

Finally, if you have the legacy nglayouts extension activated for eZ Publish Legacy admin support, deactivate it and activate nglayouts_enterprise extension instead.

Database migration

Run the following command from the root of your installation to execute migration to version 0.13 of Netgen Layouts:

$ php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate --configuration=vendor/netgen/layouts-core/migrations/doctrine.yml

Upgrading Netgen Content Browser

Netgen Content Browser version 0.13 was also automatically installed. Be sure to read its upgrade instructions too, to make sure you custom code keeps working.

Breaking changes

There were no breaking changes in 0.13 version of Netgen Layouts.